Awesome interns – sponsored by UCL (UCL Advances)

If you were not already aware, University College London (UCL), through the UCL Advances and UCL Enterprise programmes, does fantastic things to help small businesses. They run the awesome Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Growth Accelerator Programme, a mentoring programme (UCL SMILE), amongst many other useful and free services.

I highly recommend the internship programme;  a bright young thing(s) to help you with your business over the summer. They get paid (by UCL) you get an added pair of hands to help you to grow your business – win-win!

UCL Summer Internships.

If you have friends/clients/yourselves who are London-based SMEs with a desk in an office for 8-12 weeks this summer (value is £2000-£3000), you can apply for a fully-paid full-time UCL student intern. Yes, fully paid by UCL so the host doesn’t need to pay anything. Unless they need help finding a specific student to be the intern. We are holding 4 “fairs” at the end of March (24, 25, 27, 31) where companies can buy a stand (super cheap) and you’ll meet hundreds of UCL students looking for summer opportunities and there you can interview or meet them afterwards to find the one that you want. Together, you’ll submit a proposal for funding by the end of April and if approved, you’re ready to roll! If the company already has connections within UCL or has a student in mind already to be an intern, the fairs are not a requirement. Click here to find out more!

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