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It all starts and ends with the customer

New Buckland promises to help you define and implement a more robust growth strategy, to measurably enhance all aspects of your marketing and to improve you innovation processes for better ideation, ROI, employee engagement and efficiency.

Our approach leverages principles and techniques from disruptive innovation, outcome-driven innovation, product management, marketing and strategy.

For banks, financial services firms and fintech startups:

  1. We can help you drive business growth by adding new markets, products and services to your portfolio quickly and effectively.

  2. We can help you turn your ideas and technologies into breakthrough products and businesses.

  3. We can help you to implement innovation processes for new service/product development and avoid the pitfalls that reduce innovation success rates.

  4. We can help you properly define and roll-out your brand to set the right expectations and deliver the right experience to your customers.

  5. We can help you make sure you are investment ready by auditing your business plan and operations.

  6. We can help set an innovation agenda – a framework for re-positioning your business and becoming more agile and creative in the solutions you to deliver to meet your customer’s needs.

  7. We can help you understand your numbers – construct practical and justifiable forecasts and targets, performance dashboards, CRM tools and management information packs that will ensure you are effectively running your business.

  8. We can facilitate workshops using our funnel framework to help you to come up with the right strategies and associated plans for growth.


For business angels, venture capital firms & private equity firms:

  1. We can help make sure you get your investments right by perform comprehensive due diligence on target businesses including thorough market and risk analysis and an audit of proposed operations and business models.

  2. We can help you source deals.

  3. We can help you make sure your investments generate a return for you by providing mentoring to the business management team.

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